You consistent support and contribution would allow us to continue providing support to the economically weaker section, the disadvantaged or underprivileged and help build a stronger future of our country.
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Profile - Akhil Bhartiya Antyoday Sansthan

Akhil Bhartiy Antyoday Sansthan is an All India non-profitable, registered organization with a vision to succour in restoration of lost dignity, livelihood, equality, justice and peace in favour of downtrodden communities. The organization has its central office in Delhi itself. We are working on child labour, Woman empowerment programme, HIV/AIDS Sanitation Community, Dalit Community, etc. The emphasis of our work is on awareness generation in terms of health education, rights and duties of the people, poverty mitigation, social issues and spreading of schemes and programme related to development & welfare of general masses. In order to spawn understanding about these programmes, our team of volunteer organizes health camps, rallies, wall writing, group meetings, awareness generation camps and other activities of mass mobilization.

At individual level we also organize counseling services for the restoration of self esteem, personal dignity and confidence of person with disability, AIDS patients and unemployed youth.

// Our Objective
  • To Making a model shifts from unorganized to sustainable development.
  • To create awareness regarding the situation of women and other disadvantaged sections of society.
  • To initiate programs to improve the quality of life of persons with low-income areas.
  • To provide shelter, Food, health, education and clean environment to women in distress, widows and children in distress.
  • To Expand the services for the identification of children in the 0 to 5 year age group and put in place suitable early intervention programs.
  • To provide legal and other help to women victims of dowry and harassment, children and bonded labourers.
  • To diversify sources of funds for a higher degree of financial independence.
  • To carry out campaigns against social evils like dowry, child labour and beggar etc.
  • To establish linkages nationally and internationally.
  • To create awareness among youth, women, children, backward class people, farmers and agricultural labourers for upliftment of scheduled caste and scheduled tribes and rural development through programmes on awareness building, development, agricultural extension and appropriate technology, adult and non formal education, primary health care and family welfare, preservation of environment and sports.
  • To sensitize, inform and educate target communities about the problem of rural as well as urban
  • To promote work in the cultural, educational constructive fields for the furtherance of objects of trust in the rural and tribes areas.

  • To develop the efficiency and caliber of the neglected and under privileged people of society and ensure their participation in the programmes of sustainable development and decision making process through democratic way.
  • To work for the handicapped and mentally retarded children.
  • To start homes for destitute women bonded labourers and children.
  • To provide food, shelter, health, education to liberated child labour and household labour and destitute women.
  • To work to restore their basic rights to disadvantaged children and women in rural, tribal and urban India.
  • To help, assist and cooperate with similar organizations.
  • The trust will promote struggle against poverty, ignorance, illiteracy, untouchability and all other forms of social injustice, castiesm and shall strive for socio economic development for the downtrodden people of India by giving them constitutional and human rights.
  • The Trust shall promote the struggle against child marriage, dowry system, dowry death, and will encourage inter caste marriage, mass marriage and widow remarriage.
  • The Trust shall work for abolition of illiteracy, elimination of blindness and eradication of leprosy, TB, Cancer and AIDS.
Save Tax And Help Support A Child - 50% tax exemption Certificate. Under sec 80G of income tax dept.
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